2002 I'm a new homeowner on a budget. Enbridge "red-tags" my furnace and it is October. I am panicking! I want a high efficiency furnace because I am the only one paying the heating bills but I can't afford to pay a platinum price. Company #1 laughs at the idea of installing a furnace in my 100 year old house. To be clear, I have a semi which is exactly like most semis in Toronto. Not bigger, not smaller. Company #2 wants to surcharge $2000 because they say they have to do extra work to make the furnace work in my house Cosy Comfort comes in, takes a look, offers me a fair price and installs it quickly and well. But the story doesn't end there. Over the years I had had problems with mould with my basement - they came and cleaned my furnace and charged me the same price as always. Construction in the basement - they came and checked that the furnace was ok. And somehow they have kept the 30 year old air conditioner going! 2020 Every year they send the same guy. He knows me, he knows my furnace, He is polite, always takes off his shoes when he enters the house. I am so happy I made that third phone call in 2002. They have been amazing. 18 years later I am still a very satisfied customer

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Thank you for your excellent review and high rating. It is customers like you that make us love the work we do and strive to do even better. It is our honor to call you a customer of Cozy Comfort Plus and we are so happy to be able to extend to you our cozy comfort VIP membership… in our eyes you have always been a VIP member. We look forward to speaking with you in the future and we will always be there for you when you need us. Have yourself a cozy comfortable day.
Yours Truly,
Brian Kar