I enjoyed the day that Kevin and Tracie installed my pot lights and dimmers. Once my other lamps came in and I installed LED light bulbs, I noticed that they flickered. After some investigation with the light, bulb and dimmer websites, it was stated that the dimmers, installed by Stack, were not compatible with LED lights, in fact it was printed on the dimmers that they were for incandescent bulbs only. Kevin refused to change them and so, needing another knowledge source, I got help and advocacy from an ESA inspector. I ended up having to purchase and install the correct dimmers myself after Stack reimbursed me for the correct dimmers that Kevin provided but refused to install. I was quite fond of both Kevin and Tracie and think they will do good work. My advise is to be clear with them that you may be using CFL or LED lighting and that approved dimmers are installed and that they must have and be able to install the correct switch cover plate on your light switch(es) since my 3-gang box was initially installed too far back from the drywall and not happily corrected. Also, ensure that the ESA inspector does visit and inspect the work as this safety function is vital and included in your quote.

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Thanks for taking the time Glen to write this review.

I am sorry you feel that you had a bad experience, I would like to point out to you that I only refused to come back to your house once you started threating us and insulting our work. I would also like you to know that we are indeed are an ACP electrical contractor with a zero percent deficiency history in our work, and in fact, you do have the paperwork to show your home passed inspection not once but twice? Maybe next time there is a slight glitch with work you have done, maybe your first course is not to try and bully and insult your contractor but to work together like civilized people and things will turn out better for you. After all we want everyone to be happy with our work, however we don't like being threatened and bullied, it's not always the contractors fault.


Stack Electric


It's been 4.5 yrs since we had our steel roof installed. It has performed as expected and given me extra comfort in severe weather, knowing the 'shingles' would be intact. It is quiet and looks as good as it did upon installation. We left the old roof on, underneath, which was important to us, environmentally.The polite installers worked diligently through the immense heat of the 2010 summer and Max Guerra was a fine salesperson to deal with. They cleaned up and removed all the waste. I wanted to give the roof and roofing installation a chance to prove itself before I wrote a review.

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Company Response

Thanks Glen for the great review, glad to hear your roof is performing well after so many years and still looks great. No too many homeowners can say that.