I have a water leaking, dropping inside fireplace during a strong rain. It drops down inside the chimney. 2 people with one ladder came; they caulked some chimney joints and some small holes on the roof above the chimney. They told chimney and its rain cap is OK and no issues. They took $150 to go up to the roof. But my chimney continues leaking as it was before. It looks they did not examine the chimney, carefully enough, and did not found the rout cause of the dropping water.

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My Carrier furnace stopped working properly. It heated a bit but did not make a temperature which I set up on the thermostat, like I set 22 C but the furnace heated only up to 19 C. I called to Cozy World and a person Fred came to my house in 3 hours and fixed the problem. He told I did not do internal cleaning in my heating system for a long time (which was a truth), and there were a lot of dirt and water accumulated inside the heater in the basement. He cleaned it and that fixed the problem. He also advised me to clean the heater at least twice a year, which I did not know about such maintenance requirement before. Good work.

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