We started with the installation of a single steel exterior door. We booked a contractor measurement visit with the Lowes Installation Manager, Mr. G. Rehal. Within two days, Jim of Alexandras Windows/Doors came out and made the requirement measurements to be forwarded to Lowes Installation. He suggested what kind of door to look for at Lowes and also mentioned the Larson Line of Tradewinds storm doors as being excellent quality, if we also wanted to change the old storm door. We ended up buying an exterior door and a Tradewinds mid-view storm door. The Alexandras Team of Jim and Jim were fabulous - punctual, professional and personable while on the job. We were so impressed with the Tradewinds storm door and Alexandras work that we went back to Lowes and bought a second storm door for the back door of the house and asked that the Alexandras Team install it We were also very pleased that the premium storm doors were bought on promotion at Lowes at $100.00 less, each. By this time we got to know the very wily Installation Manager, Mr. Rehal, who worked in our favour and kept the orders open until the storm doors came on promotion. The door experts at Lowes - Kevin, Robert and even Kal, the Section Manager were always available during our visits to provide advice. The UPS delivery man was so impressed by our new Tradewinds storm door that he asked where we bought it. In the end we convinced some family friends who also decided to have Alexandras and Lowes install 2 more storm doors for their home.

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