I upgraded to a 50 gallon from a 40 gallon hot water tank. The installer came in and instantly said it would be extra to install. When I asked how much he asked if I wanted him to leave or do the job. I asked him for a rough estimate and he said about $300, including new vent valve on top which they always replace. (should have been in the quote then) It appears that a used flexible gas line was a used piece and the overflow pipe is pulling away from the tank. I called the next day to complain and the guy said he would look into it but never got back to me. The tank was advertised at a local store for $895 and the total cost of the job was $1862.

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Jafar said he would be at my house at 9 o clock Saturday morning and he was, after a snowfall. He said the job would be three hours and it was four and a half because he ran into some extra dirty ducts,. Price was as originally quoted and I felt he was really honest and professional. He did checks on the furnace that I was impressed with such as the temperature differential between the return and heated air plenums and the gas consumption at the meter. Honest hard working guy. I would recommend him and his company.

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Company Response

We fill very proud when we see our customers know a good quality work.
thanks for your kind review.