The Story... At the start... In August 2020, we decided that our front and backyard is in need of a complete overhaul. The backyard was considered a toilet for the dogs, and the front had zero curb appeal. We contacted a several landscaping companies - with man in Durham Region not even bothering to call us back or taking several weeks to provide us a quote. Camille (DCD landscaping) came out to see us right away. She listened to what we had hoped for, our concerns in completing the front and back at the same time (e.g. costs), and timing. She took the time to review of the various stone options and colours at Arnts - and then provided a detailed quote whereby we had the option on selecting parts of the project or all of it. Camille was empathetic, a great listener, and provided excellent insights and suggestions on how we can fulfill our landscaping desires. We signed the contract with DCD landscaping and never looked back. The wait... We were anticipating the project to start in November, but due to Mother Nature - the project was delayed a few weeks (too much rain). We requested that our project start in the spring of 2021 instead of waiting for the weather to improve. DCD Landscaping was targeting completion for 2020 - but raised zero objections in us delaying the project. They were supportive of our decision and again we never looked back. During the wait, we continued to make tweaks to the project and Camille was more than happy to accommodate. The Build... Prior to the build, we continued to make change requests to the project, and Camille was always willing to listen, meet us and accommodate. There was never any frustration from her considering all of our change requests and millions of questions that we had. At the start of the build, we got to meet Camille's husband Dilep and the work crew. Dilep and his crew was the hardest working team I have ever come across. Long hours and non-stop work. Their day ended when the sun went down on most nights. We were more then happy to treat them to lunch, drinks, and a case of beer each. Dilep has great experience, and uses his expertise to find solutions quickly to when issues arise. He has a great rapport with his team, and mutual respect and thus treats them right. Dilep was more than happy to discuss any of our questions or concerns, listened carefully and most importantly always had a smile. For any design issues during the build - Camille was always happy to stop by to discuss any questions or concerns. Even though she is always on the road talking to many other customers (Durham Region, east-end Toronto) - it never seemed she was far away. In addition, Dilip and his team worked around the other vendors (water sprinkler installer, electrician, shed installer, etc.) to ensure all timelines were adhered to and all vendors can work in harmony. Pure professionalism. The entire construction took approximately 8-days STRAIGHT, and was finished in May. There were no gaps with the team going to other projects, etc. They did not leave our project until it was done and we were satisfied. Post Customer Service... Both Camille and Dilep continued to provide great after-service. There was a concern with the waterfall, and they brought the manufacturer to my house to address. They went out of their way to ensure the porch railings were properly installed. Our recommendation: If you are looking for your backyard oasis, or creating excellent curb appeal - look no further then DCD Landscaping. Camille and Dilep is a dream team to work with. We are extremely happy with the end result, and have received so many compliments from neighbours and friends. Overall a great experience. See the pictures below to see the transition from dog's toilet to oasis.

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Thank You for choosing DCD Landscaping

Thank you for providing Delip & the guys Lunch & Beverages!!!!

It was an absolute pleasure meeting & working for you guys