Monarch had a good reputation in Ottawa and the sales rep was amazing, we felt very confident in our decision to purchase a Monarch home. Everyone has different experiences, this happens to be our first experience with building a new home. Issues we had from day 1: Leaking roof for 6 months, caused mould in our 6 month old house. All our windows leaked water onto the sills and some puddled on the floor. Poor workmanship on all of our trim. Master shower leaked water out of our kitchen light bulb, took Monarch 3 months to decide to completely rebuild from scratch. Frozen water pipe in our garage ceiling leading to a second floor bedroom was fixed but never sealed all winter, this is against the building code. Second floor dryer vent that shoudl have been vented out the attic was routed to our basement and left open in the basement, blowing dryer lint all over the basement floor - again against building code and fire hazard. Eavestrough freezing up in the winter, Monarch sas not their problem. List goes on. I personally would never build with Monarch again.

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