Two and half years ago, we bought our first home. We understood there had been a rodent issue in the attic and wished to deal with it before moving in. We contacted Care Pest. They came and accessed our home and let us know that rats and squirrels had been residing in the attic. After hiring them, they brought in a team to empty and clean the attic, block off any entry points, screen off the outside of the house to prevent any further rodents getting in and reinsolated the attic. Their staff were friendly, on time and kept it as tidy as a company could, while cleaning that much stuff out of an attic. Once they were finished, I definitely felt confident that our house was clean and, for the time being, rodent free. They came and checked up in the attic and around the house a week or so later to see if there was any new activity. Seeing as everything was still in great shape, they simply let us know that we could call any time if something changed. We have since called twice about some rodents getting in, each time, they came as soon as possible and quickly found the problem and fixed it. Unfortunately, rodents are persistent, but we are comforted in knowing that we can call Care Pest. We highly recommend this company!

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We had just bought a house over 2 1/2 years ago and went to the homeshow seeking great companies to renovate our new home. That's where we met the wonderful Astara crew. We told them of our concerns (old house, tight timeline, etc.) they never once batted an eyelash. They simply made sure we were well informed and we could just see how enthusiastic they were about their product. A few days later, knowing we were under a time crunch, they contacted us about coming to look at the house. They were on time and were very detailed; asking us questions, taking pictures, listening to our needs and always gave suggestions but were never once just trying to 'sell' me something. They wanted to simply help and make our lives easier and better. Once we decided to hire them for the job, it was an endless stream of communication. If we had questions, they were answered promptly and with great detail. Steve was super organized and gave us a binder with all our information and more. Simon came to start the two day project and was always on time, even stayed a bit late to make sure it was done properly and to the best of anyone's ability. Even my neighbor came to ask him questions and comment on his job. Simon was very friendly and outgoing, very tidy and always double checking everything. When we ran into a few problems (carpenter ants, who'd eaten our wall under the main window, or the weird set up of our sliding door) Simon came and found me to explain each situation, ask what I thought about it and would give some advice as to what he would do. He put in extra work, time and supplies to help fix these unforeseen problems. (They even noticed my dilemma of painting the walls in the vaulted ceiling room and offered to lend us their scaffolding the day before they started their job). Once the job was done, of course the windows looked new, but never out of place. Steve made sure that the trim around the windows matched the trim on the outside of the house. The framing and detailing on the inside was beautifully done and we had a lot of say of how we wished it to look. I couldn't be any happier with the product and the service we received from Astara. We continue to share their name whenever someone mentions renovations. We can't thank them enough. PS. Recently (after two and half years) the latch lock on our sliding door seemed to be acting up, so I phoned Steve and he immediately remembered who I was and told me he would get right on it. Again, it is above and beyond what I could have expected. He promptly ordered a part and sent someone over to take a look. Thank you again.

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