The crew who paved my driveway were in a hurry as it was really hot out the day they paved the laneway. They made a bit of a goof on the edge of the laneway (the edge wasn't clean/straight). I called the owner who assured me they would fix the error. Still...the asphalt compound has too much sand in it, my laneway is already splitting apart a year later. I have since had my driveway professionally sealed... however I realize that if a new driveway falls apart this early its because the quality of the asphalt is too cheap and too soft. Who knows how badly it will crack next year. I'm sorry to the owner but you really have to use higher quality asphalt. That and he never picks up his phone after the jobs already finished...too busy with new customers to care about the old ones I guess. I wouldnt bother hiring these guys again

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Carl u have been in constant communication with our service department-they asked for alittle patience-as we work until end of November. I’m alittle concerned with what is going on over there.

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