We booked new house & still in the process of upgrades & construction. At the time of purchase the sales person told us the builder legally can do a one time change of closing date for up to 4 months. But in reality the builder sends a letter with change in 1st tentative closing , 2nd tentative closing & firm closing dates. This is BS & we are still seeking legal advise on that. Don't ask about structural & decor upgrade appointments. The reps are not professional, no wonder the upgrades pricing is very high compared to other builders (compared with friends who bought from other builders viz., sq ft to sq ft , apple to apple) non-transparent pricing. They don't even show a price list, they just tell you. They tell you all kind of stories if you start insisting to ask for price lists. We are still in the process of getting correct pricing. They gave two different prices for same products & when questioned changed them to lowest. So if I did not question I would have got ripped off. Still negotiating. Please check back for updated review. Hope it will be positive. We strongly recommend, do your home work before getting into agreement with this builder.

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