My computer stop working a few days ago. I call Super Tech team. Amir was very friendly, we set up appointment next day. Hi was in time. Made fast check up my computer. My power unit was bad. Amir replace it with good one. Give me some advice , how to make my computer better. Good company

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Company Response

Thank you for your kind review! I'm happy I was able to find the issue and replace the faulty part with a high-quality part that will last. We try to use the best parts for our clients so you get the best out of your computer. We're always here if your computer decides to misbehave in the future.


in 2017 I called Convertible Heating and Air conditioning for furnace replacement Michael visit me, look at furnace and we sign contract for installing :furnace, humidifier and drain pump price was good Did fast job, but refuse to install humidifier, removed old one and did not install new I called them 10 or 20 times- no luck, no humidifier so last winter I had 15-20% humidity in my house. my point is: 1.They removed my old humidifier 2.they refuse to install new humidifier some places drywall and wall paint cracked and pill of because low humidity 4.They promise to install humidifier, but never come to my house after installing furnace This year, after 10 calls, I give up and call another company (24x7hvac), and they install it in 2hrs. don't look on review Convertible Heating!!!! They get hi % paying 25$ for good review don't help with rebate , as promise

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Company Response

Igor, this is probably the 20th time we have dealt with this matter with you over the last year.

It is very simple -and I will explain it again for the 21st time: we only sell one brand of humidifiers, the General Aire model 1042.

We sell it for its excellent quality and because it's made in Canada and because it provides 17 gallons per day unlike the other cheaper brands that leak, but it is a large size unit - and there was not enough space on your duct system for it to be mounted on.

So we deducted it off the order and did not charge you anything for it and continued on with our furnace installation which you reported to be done very well

Why you would continue on for an entire year of constantly calling us and leaving bad reviews online over a simple matter that was discussed and resolved with you on multiple occasions.

Please move on with your life.

And to say that we did not apply for your rebate is not only a lie but is now getting malicious for no reason. Call the IESO to verify.

Please get help sir and stop bad mouthing the most honest, hard working company out there.

Marnie Amodeo
General Manager
Vice President


Ordered repair today after 5p.m. waiting to 10:30 p.m. called AIRE ONE 4 TIMES!!! technician Michael nobody call me back, nobody come to fix my furnace. Is this good ? or regular mater with aire one? Thanks for your sevice Aire One.

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