First experience with this company was having a custom mirror placed inside of an old barn window that had been refinished. They did a beautiful job in a reasonable time and the cost was very reasonable too. I then had them replace a door that was damaged and not installed well. 6 months later the door was starting to shift and not sit in the frame properly. When I called them they sent someone out within a week to look at it, after the guys assessed the problem we set up an appointment to have it repaired. They showed up and spent the time to pull it all apart and put it back together properly. The guy did an excellent job, no issues, no extra cost. I now have some quotes with them to do my front door and a storm door or two.

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UPDATE Sep 2014 A couple of months ago I paid $150 to have a technician come out and replace the bluetooth stereo and fix a light that had fallen (only the parts are under warranty at this point - my tub being 8 months old at the time). Recently the same light has fallen again along with another one - I requested service on it and was told someone would come fix it. One month later without a response I emailed again only to find out that girl no longer works for the company. So, I emailed another of the girls I had spoken with previously and she told me she contacted the manufacturer and said I should open up the tub myself and either silicone or tape the light into place. When I complained about having to do this to a $12,000 tub she said that I could contact the manufacturer myself and gave me the number. So, I guess writing a bad review really did remove my entitlement to any customer service and warranty work as it seems I am on my own now with the manufacturer. Another note of interest is that I did not receive any of the product used to bribe me to remove this poor review – so it really was a bribe. If I were to do this over again I would buy a $3-4K tub off of kijiji and suffer any consequences. ____________________________________ 1. The salesman led me to believe that the financing was a 1 year no payments, no interest. I discovered about 1 week before delivery that this was not the case when I was sent the contract. When I said I no longer wanted the tub because that's not what was agreed to I was told I couldn't do that because it was a custom tub and could not be sold, I was told I signed the sales contract and I can't back out of it now blah blah blah (this is where I wish I would have stuck to my guns and said no - I don't want it). 2. I specifically requested the tub be shipped with bromine instead of chlorine as I am allergic to chlorine. I was very very clear to the salesman that was a deal breaker. The tub was then delivered with chlorine and I had to make a special trip into the city to exchange it. To be fair when I got to the store they gave me 2 bottles of bromine which was nice of them. 3. I paid extra for the 'white glove' treatment on delivery - they were supposed to show me how to set it up and go over my chemicals. I was given a quick sheet and a chemical kit and wished good luck. 3. The salesman also told me that my spa would only cost me about $30 in the winter and $15 in the summer. He failed to go into detail about that only being the base of what it would cost me and not 'average cost' if you actually use it - you have to add for every time you open the cover, sit in it, and use the jets, it all adds to the cost. It is more reasonable to say it will cost on average $60-80+/month depending on usage. On top of this my bills tripled the month after the tub was installed - the first while I was given many excuses with regards to it being a cold winter and everyone's bills went up. After 4 months of complaining that my hot tub should not cost me $250/month to run they finally went over settings with me. I phoned the store and got a settings sheet emailed to me which was confusing and didn't work. I then went over the settings on the phone which for whatever reason didn't stick. After 6 months I finally requested that someone come out and look at the settings. This cost me $90 and my bill is finally going down. It would have been very helpful and probably saved me about $1000 if someone was sent right away. After the first few months I did complain and was given $100 store credit and 2 free filters. This was nice of them but it did not make up for all the trouble or the money that I was out - what else can they do? 4. Getting the tech here took about a month - after several reminders that he had not even called me to make an appointment. 6. The flap on the intake doesn't work very well, it doesn't allow enough water to flow through in order to not have scum buildup in the filter area. After a few conversations I ended up removing the flap - it works great now but I am disappointed that I paid $12000 for this tub and part of the filtration system is poorly designed. 5. I have been waiting about 5 weeks now to get someone out here to replace a burned out light and look at my stereo as the bluetooth doesn't work more than a couple feet away from it. I have had to send a couple of reminders for this as well... after requesting an update twice they finally tell me they are ordering a new stereo and are waiting for it to come in. Would have been nice if they had called me to let me know instead of leaving me waiting. 6. I wrote a quick poor review on here and now I am changing it because I just got off the phone with the manager. She claimed her goal was to have me happy with my spa and make up for my experience. It was extremely frustrating talking to her because she cut me off a lot and gave me all kinds of 'auto response' reasons why I shouldn't be upset, what I should have understood and even tried to say I was crying over a burnt out light. She went on to say I wasn't taking ownership of it and that there's no reason I shouldn't have understood the directions as they are so simple and clear. She called her salesman and her tech to verify the things that I said and obviously they claim it was me who misunderstood (I have a witness too, my roommate can verify as that's what she understood of the deal too). Finally when she asked what would make me happy I told her at this point I don't think there is anything, my entire experience was long and frustrating - and continues to be. She can't do anything about all the money I've spent and she can't change my loan so I get the interest free that I was led to believe I was getting. It's not getting any less frustrating for me to deal with them even though the girl I deal with the most has tried really hard. So she offered me some free product in exchange for removing my poor review - there it is... she just wants the review down. Saying this will probably make it more difficult to deal with them as I am still waiting for things to be fixed and she probably won't send me the free product she offered - but I don't care it's the truth. I am an unhappy customer and I wish I could go back and stick to my guns and not have this thing delivered in the first place... but I can't and my Saturday has not been made any better by that phone call.

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