After a long in depth review of roofing system and contractors. (they are all only as good as their installers are) . I chose to go with London Eco Roof. I have a very large and complicated roof and 3 out buildings. The product is great and not smoke and mirrors. The install method is best in class and the crew lead by Matt is a hard working team that cares about and pays attention to all details no matter how small. They fixed things that were in no way part of the job and made changes to things to make the end result more beautiful. I would without hesitation recommend their product and methods under the supervision of Matt. I can not comment to other installer teams. Do your rain gutter and screen guard at same time and be done with all the screwing around for the rest of your life. Enjoy everyday Scott

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Hi Scott, we're glad to have relieved you of any roofing worries for the rest of your life! Enjoy!