Solace was hired to do landscape for my backyard. I wanted interlock for patio and eating area, small deck with stairs, sitting area with fire pit and stepping stone leading to door of my fence. They were hired early May 2014 and I was told that the work was going to be done end of May which turned out to be end of July. The weather in May did not cooperate as much as we wanted and the taking on of other big projects by the company in May and June pushed my project completion later. I was not happy with this but I could not do anything about this issue. They did a great Job with the patio and the build up of dirt and sod for levelling the backyard, a good job with the deck and fire pit and an OK job with the pergola which was custom built by another Cedar and put together by Solace. It took for ever to get the lattice and the rafters as there was some mixed up with the order, wrong measurements and wrong cut for the rafters. When I decided to go check with the Cedar highered by Solace to custom built my pergola in mid June I was told they were waiting for measurements for the rafters from Solace. Again I could not verify where the mixed up was from but the bottom line my rafters were not done. Once the lattice arrived in mid July and was put in by Solace, I had to re-box in the lattice with 1X4 to make it look nice. The middle lattice had to be place closer to the back of both vertical posts instead of in the middle like the two other lattices of the "L" shape pergola. This middle lattice should have had both verticals side adjusted with 45 degree cuts to fit in the middle of both posts but they refused to do it as they said it was custom made lattice. Again I had to come up with a solution to make the final project look nice; it was the same thing with the support beams on top of the pergola. The outside pieces of the support beams were cut strait instead of the same pattern of the rafters. I was told they needed special tools to copy the cut of the rafters but I used one rafter, penciled in the pattern on thesupport beams and used my jig saw to match the cut... To help with negative issues encountered during our project with Solace, they were kind to provide complimentary sealant for the patio some minor electrical work for the pergola and connection of the shed to the existing electrical line used for the pergola. Andrew and his crew were professional and courteous. I ended up getting myself all small bushes, flowers, little trees, mulch for my garden and did the final work with the planting and also did a little vegetable garden box myself as it would have raised my final cost. The project cost me more than what I had projected. Although Andrew and his on site crew were nice to deal with looking back at the experience with Solace I would have chosen another company. Now hopefully they will honour there warranty if something breaks down. I also forgot to mentioned that I had to replace some of the electrical hardware they put on the pergola has the water got in and caused some issues which in my opinion should not have happen if it had been correctly sealed in the first place.

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I had my roof and eavestrough done by this company after doing research on this site and the internet. Their work was so good and well executed that a total of 8 other neighbours joined in and got their roof done by Dan and his crew. His price was competitive and cheeper than 3 other companies we got quote on a GAF Timberland HD shingles product. Winter barrier, drip edge, maxi vents new valleys and GAF Armour membrane were installed appropriately and the final product looked great. The eavestrough installed by Mark and his partner are so nicely done and precise that it really add a nice finish touch to the new roof. His warranty is great and as required their work will be inspected by GAF product representative. Dan and his crew including John, Rob, Mark and others which I can't remember their names thanks to my own issue with remembering names were professional, approachable and attentive to our specific requirements. They completed the roof in 2 days and Mark came in after and finished the eavestrough in two days. They kept their work clean during and after the project. Thank you guys, Job well done and yes you can use me as a reference for new client. Remember to keep your high standards and good client services such as I received while you were here and I will not hesitate to promote your service and work to other potential clients. Remember great product, great work great customer service great warranty will attract customers like me and make your company grow in a positive way. Thank you.

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