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ICF plus did a full house build for us. It took over double the time quoted to build the house and had several issues. Trades were not lined up and sever trades were not paid on time resulting in leins. DO NOT RECOMMEND

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Company Response

It is Very unfortunate that Trina was unsatisfied. We took over her build after the previous contractor left. He informed me that it was a situation in which he did no longer want to deal with the home owners. I stepped in to help. at that time the foundation was in and the home owner was fighting with previous contractor over monies. As with custom builds there were some obstacles to overcome. 1-There was financial set backs due to taking over a project mid stream. We ended up fronting the money for the build until the completion 2- the blue prints and house were horrible the house couldn't be built as per plan due to structural limitations and a redesign was required mid stream. None the less we pushed on and completed the house. At the end of the day they have a beautiful 1500 sqft 2 story A Frame with 12/12 pitch roof for $185,000.
I appreciate her feed back and strive to improve the quality of each and every one of our builds