We recently purchased a 22 year old home and needed to replace the existing a/c unit. With a limited budget after having just purchsed the home, we had to be cost conscious with our decision. We received six quotes prior to making the decision to go with Convertible Air Conditioning. To be fair, most of the competing quotes were similar in price, however the deciding factor was the result of telling us something that we didn't want to hear: that if we didn't seriously consider replacing the furnace (probably the original one that came with the home) they didn't want to take our money. We said that we couldn't afford to replace both at the same time so Marnie suggested taking down the model and serial number of the furnace and said she would call the manufacturer to confirm how old it was. Sure enough, the next day she called and let us know that it was the original furnace and then let us know what our options were. Her honesty and the fact that she cared enough to verify the age of the furnace made our decision an easy one. And she walked us through the various financing programs that were avialable so that we could choose one that best fit our budget. The end result is that they won our trust with an honest assessment of what had to be done, and not just what we wanted to hear. The work was done promptly, their installer was very helpful taking time to answer some of our questions, and kudos for caring enough to wear boot covers to keep our home clean. Thanks for a job well done... Mark, Brampton, ON

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