I have never had such poor customer service in my entire life. I spent 1100 dollars to have my time,my home disrespected and to be talked down to. We called Elite in Toronto to service our damaged LG Washing Machine on Sept 15th 2013, first they kept us on hold everyday for 1 week each time we called for roughly half an hour. Finally when we did reach them we booked a "diagnosis" appointment. This appointment consisted of them giving us a 3 hour window in which they would arrive at hour home. Which meant my wife had to be absent from work for a half day at least. They proceeded to charge us $107.00 dollars for diagnosis $7 of which was for the gas of their driver which is insane. Then they came to our house a 9am on Sept 26th 2013 i believe. The technician rolled his hand a couple times in the drum, pressed a few buttons and proceeded to tell us the machine needed a "tub job". He basically spent 10 minutes at my home and did not even give me a price or an estimate. The next day they sent us a quote for $900.00 we accepted the quote and then we waited almost 10 days for the parts. Finally they came October 9th 2013 to fix the machine, my wife took a day off work because they gave us another 3 hour window and they said that they found more problems and need more parts. So basically they diagnosed the machine incorrectly. Then we waited another 10 days and our cost increased to $1,100.00 to repair the machine. They finally came back on October the 25th another day that my wife had to be absent from work for. They told us that the job would take 3 hours. My wife had to leave while they were working to take my two 3 year old twins to an appointment and said she would be back. They argued with her that they would not work if she left which is absurd. So she left anyway. They called me after 1 hour and 45 minutes and said over the phone "Sir this is Elite, your wife is nowhere to be found we have been waiting 10 minutes here" After I waited for this company at every turn of this process I was livid. But that was not the end when I arrived home my basement was a mess but the best part is that they took my wastebasket, dumped the garbage in it on my floor and used it as a bucket. Not to mention there were also puddles of water on my floor that they never dried. I called them after I had already paid them, and no one ever called me back. I was told the service manger would call me but that has never occurred. They claimed they gave may be a 100 dollar discount on the parts but that is not reflected anywhere. The only helpful person there is Jennifer in customer service. I have never had such poor service in my life, If I ran my business in that fashion I would be a disgrace to my clients. As well everything that they state on their website is the opposite of how I was treated. This is their mission statement "With passion, conviction and integrity, our mission is to deliver top quality service whenever we make an appliance repair service call. We strive to make sure that every customer is happy and that they want to tell their network about our services. A happy customer starts with a reliable appliance repair technician and so we strive to bring you quality service through professional, courteous and trained appliance repair technicians." Ridiculous in my opinion. As well there are alot more statements on their website that are not true at all. If they would have at least acknowledged my existence by calling me back to discuss my issues I probably would have never Posted this.

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