About 1 week before the scheduled move date I asked to split my move into 2 parts, and was told that the total cost would increase only slightly due to the extra travel time. The first part of the move went fine but in fact just the first part alone ended up being more expensive than the estimate for the entire job. Of course I wasn't happy with this and spoke to the sales manager Mike. Mike was understanding and we agreed to share the extra costs 50-50. Mike just had to speak to the franchise owner John to get approval. However John refused to do anything to keep my happy, even though it was their decision to send 3 guys instead of 5, which they said was the reason for the 50% price increase. I then spoke to John who blamed me entirely for the extra costs. He said I should know whether I needed 3 or 5 guys, and I should know how much furniture will fill a truck. I'm not a moving expert so there's no way I could know. John called me back the next day to say he is cancelling the second half of the move. I have never dealt with a business owner like John before. He refused to accept any responsibility for the decisions his staff made about our move, and clearly has no interest in customer satisfaction. I am very unhappy with John and the Toronto franchise of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK and would never recommend them.

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