I used the services of Timeline Journey several years ago and would never recommend them to anyone looking to have renovation work done. When I hired them to do the work on my house, I was not told that they were not the ones who were going to actually do the work! The two owners brought in less experienced men to perform the work which was mostly done in a rushed fashion and with limited skill. When I expressed concerns about the quality of their work, I was called a "complainer." To add insult to injury, they over charged me for work that had to be repaired by someone else the following year. The only good thing I experienced was the one man they had do a backsplash in my kitchen (I think his name was Bend)...he was very good. I don't want to be mean but I also believe that people who do work for others need to be accountable for the quality of work they do. Please think twice before hiring them.

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The person I put in charge of this job was my project manager; not an owner. He was totally out of line to talk to Judy this way and I told him so. This man and I have long since parted ways.

I ended up taking charge of her project myself. When we were finished, I walked through the site with her and she said she was very happy with the results. We have photos of her stairs and deck on our website.

Steve Tennant
Timeline Journey


I have used the home inspection services of Rick Clayton (owner of Real Home Inspections Ontario) and have been very satisfied with the service he provided on both occasions. Rick not only demonstrated a high degree of knowledge in his work, but he was also professional at all times. He even took the time to teach and explain the various aspects of the inspection process which proved helpful to me as a new home owner. I will continue to use his services in the future as needed and would not hesitate to recommend his company to others.

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Hi Judy. It was good to see you again. Thank you for this fantastic review. I hope you enjoy your home. Have a great day.