In 2010, I was young, vulnerable, and naive. My contractor hired Lee of Lutech to move my water tank for $800 to create space for a basement apartment. Everything went smoothly until a day later. My boiler kept shutting off so the house did not have heat or hot water. (My boiler is a high efficiency European system that supplies both heat and hot water.) Lee couldn't fix the problem that he created. For the next 3 weeks, I had to call several companies but no one could figure out what was wrong. Finally, I called the manufacturer who recommended a technician. Lee was there when the technician came. He promised me that he will pay me back for the repairs. He even said that he will watch so he can learn. But shortly after, Lee excused himself and said that he had to leave. That was the last I saw or heard from him. After troubleshooting for several hours to no avail, the technician started to dismantle the connections. (Please see first picture below.) It was then that he discovered a white rubber in the pipes! This object was blocking the water from reaching the boiler and causing it to shut off to prevent overheating. It was such a bizarre mistake up that no one ever imagined it. Everyone was left puzzled as to why a brand new boiler (installed less than a year) kept shutting off despite being in perfect condition. The repair bill came close to $3,500+. The original job just costs only $800 but my contractor had already paid Lee. So I had no recourse to go after him. I tried calling him several times. But like I said, I never ever saw or heard from Lee ever again. The aftermath was painful. Because there was no hot water and heat for 3 weeks, the tenants became very angry. They took me to court so I had to hire a lawyer for this. I also had to hire a property manager because the relationship become hostile with one of the tenants being very aggressive towards me. Total cost: Original cost to move water tank: $800, Repairs: $3,500+, Rent Rebates: $1,000+, Property Manager: $1,500+ (6 months), Lawyer $700+ = $7,500+. That's not the end of the story. So today, after almost 8 years, I saw his truck parked in my (new) neighborhood as he was doing work for one of my neighbors. I confronted him and he pretended not to remember. Do not believe the other good reviews. They were just lucky. The probability of this man making a mistake is BIG. The repairs and the aftermath are costly. The worse part is that he has no skill to fix what he breaks and no integrity to stand by his promises. I'm not one to write reviews and was a long time ago but seeing him today makes me feel sick to know that this person is still out there. Reading other reviews made me think that had I wrote a review about him years ago, that may have prevented him from taking advantage of other people. PLEASE DO YOURSELF A BIG FAVOR. AVOID THIS MAN AT ALL COSTS. HE LOOKS LIKE A GENTLE, NICE GUY BUT BEWARE! AS THE OTHER REVIEWER SAY, "LOOKS CAN BE DECEIVING."

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The previous plumber installed the exterior non-frost faucet incorrectly. In less than one year, the faucet broke. Luckily, it did! Otherwise, the whole basement would have been flooded by this faulty installation. Danny replaced the faucet and corrected other things that were done poorly. Today, in another site, I asked him to price me for a job. He honestly told me that it was not needed and saved us $3,000. I've met lots of contractors who are looking to take advantage of women. Danny is respectful and honest. He does good work too. I would definitely recommend him.

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