I've used this company before to fix my pool heater. They were very responsive and came within a day. I used them last week. Again, they came right away. Their repairman fixed a valve on pool heater but then noted it still wasn't working. He said he "wasn't an electrician" but he by-passed a couple of wires (ie deliberately short circuited them) in my pool electrical panel to get it to work, at least on a temporary basis. However, my pool company was not comfortable with this and asked that I have the panel returned to its original state before they worked on it. When I called City Gas back, they were very unhelpful and said they would not be able to get someone in to reverse their repairman's unauthorized and temporary fix for over a week.They certainly are much faster to come out when they know you will be paying them than when you need their help correcting something they have done. I was very disappointed in them and will never use them again. I would recommend not using them if you want somebody who will stand behind their work once they have taken your money!

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Company Response

The actual account of what happened was that the customer hired us to get her pool boiler working.

We found a flow switch not functioning which we replaced. We also found that the she had an item called an Aqualink that was not working causing the heater to not function as well.

We simply bypassed this piece of equipment and told the customer that she needed to have an electrician or pool company service the aqulink, as our technicians are licensed gas fitters, not electricians and are not familiar with these pool and spa specific equipment. We are licensed to re-wire the boiler pool heater system, not service the Aqualink. which is what we did.

My technician even took the time to carefully show her which wires he passed. All work was done to code and done safely.
The customer then called in saying her pool company didn't want to work on it as they didn't understand the wiring. I told her we are more than happy to come back, but that due to the heat wave in Toronto we are completely inundated with customers with no air conditioning. Most of which are seniors, people with health problems and families with children. I explained that I could not bump one of those appointments to come and help her out with the wiring for her pool.

We unfortunately cannot make it out to every call that comes in immediately. We have to prioritize our customers; first by the order that we received the call, then by severity of the situation. Considering that we had customers with health concerns they needed to take precedence over someone's pool as it is just a luxury item.

Unfortunately this customer felt that she should take priority, got mad and hung up on me. Then wrote this negative review.
We stand behind all our work 100% and completed our job here. The only issue was her pool company not understanding the wiring of a part that was simply by passed to allow the heater to function.

We would be more than happy to come back to assist the pool company in understanding boiler wiring and help them get the pool and spa functioning. If you would like to contact our office again we can schedule you in for an appointment at our earliest availability.