The workmen who completed the job broke a couple of sliding door mirrors. They tried to conceal it, but thankfully I noticed it. I notified Simon of this who promised that they would be fixed. I paid most of the service fee at this point. That was 11 months ago. Through out this period I must have sent 100+ call and text messages to get my mirrors fixed, but I'm now being silently ignored. Basically, don't trust Simon's word. Pay the minimal till the job is DONE.

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Company Response

Hello. I cannot comment on past issues. The company is now under new management. Customer service, quality workmanship and range of work has been greatly enhanced. We apologize for your issues but we assure you an optimal experience going forward. Thank you.


We had 3 guys moving, Gary, Jeremy and another who's name has slipped my mind. They were pretty quick to clear out the place and load everything to the new place. The job finished way faster than we expected.

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