The eaves were cleaned and we were provided images of that. Our carport was cleaned to spotless. The workers cleaned up the site and took the garbage with them. I would recommend them at any time. They really did an excellent job.

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Company Response

Hi Tim,

Thank you so much for the glowing review about the eavestrough cleaning that took place. It is a sacrifice of your time to post anything online and it means a lot when people do so. Thanks again!

Toronto Clear View Window Cleaning Inc.


I contacted GTA Tree Services as another contractor had disappeared on me and I had a tree arriving to replace one that had been taken down. Bobby came out, gave me a fair price and said he would be back in two days to remove the stump. Two days later he arrived and did a great job removing the stump and several large roots. I would recommed his service to anyone.

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I had a tree that began to lean dangerously in a recent storm. I hired CB Tree Service to bring down the tree and remove the stump. Craig and his team worked in a dangerous environment to bring down a very large tree. I was a little concerned when he disappeared for 3 days but he did come back and brought down the tree. Craig said he would be back within the week to complete the job of removing the stump, and, based on that we ordered a new tree. After a week and no Craig, I called and left a message with some woman who said she would let Craig know. No reply. On my third call (May 4) Craig did reply telling me he had a big job, but, was done and would be there May 7, possibly May 6. May 6 came and went, no Craig. May 7 I stayed home from work; no Craig. Since then all calls have gone unanswered. Luckily I was able to contact another company and they are currently doing the removal, and at a better price. I could not recommend CB Tree; they may show up, they may not. What I don't understand is why a contractor would behave this way when there are sites like this that can expose their irresponsible behaviour.

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Company Response

Although we are grateful and appreciate every review we receive from our customers, I don't usually respond to reviews unless they are inaccurate,
misleading or quite simply, not the truth.
Your review is all of the above.
The truth is,we removed a large 80 foot locust tree that had uprooted and which was leaning at a dangerous angle over yours and your neighbor's yard. In spite of the danger of the tree toppling while
we were aloft,working within and under the tree, we were able to remove it safely without incurring damage to any property. We did this work timely and efficiently and you were impressed with the work and pleasantly surprised with the great price we gave you. So much so, that you proceeded to introduce us to your neighbors who have also engaged us to do their trees and have asked and received several truckloads of free wood chips for their gardens.
Here is your original review:
Tim Daciuk from Scarborough 2 | North York Location | Apr 29, 2013
"I had a tree that began to lean dangerously in a recent storm. Craig and his team worked in a dangerous environment to bring down a very large tree. His team worked quickly, and did a great job for a great price. I would recommend his services to anyone needing tree work."
Thank you for the kind review Tim
Now back to the response,
As we were leaving, you asked us for an estimate to remove the remaining stump. We explained that we were still incredibly busy with other storm damage and that we would only be available to remove the stump after all the emergency work had been completed. You agreed and we left it at that. At no time were you promised a completion date by me or any of my staff, told to order trees ,asked to take time off work ,or any other such nonsense. Our stumper was under repair at the time and we were waiting for parts to fix it. We couldn't have done your stump or anyone else's until the repairs were completed.
The truth is you began calling our office every day sometimes 7 times a day demanding we come immediately and do your stump under the threat of writing a bad review. You were rude to our staff and harassed and upset them so badly they became nervous to answer the phone.
I don't understand how you went from being so happy with us ,to publicly trying to discredit us over a stump removal that we never arranged.
Did the other company put you up to it?
All I can suggest is, the next time you want to plant a tree , you remove the old stump first ,before you have the new tree delivered. Then perhaps you won't be so spiteful and try to blame innocent people for your planning mistakes.
I'll leave it to the public to decide who is guilty of irresponsible behavior and who has been exposed. There are over a hundred reviews on my site attesting to the quality of our work including a few of your own neighbors who know the truth.
Shame on you.