Just this past week (early October 2022) I was visited by the great electricians from AC Electrical. Haidar the apprentice and two electricians, Vladimirs and Joe came to install additional electrical receptacles in my basement and run internet cable from my basement to my main floor. I had a very positive experience. They showed up on time and quickly got to work establishing a way of threading the internet cable from my basement through a narrow conduit in my concrete floor to reach my main floor living space. They were successful at threading the internet cable through the conduit with minimal damage to drywall and NO visible evidence of the install on my main floor. They quickly installed electrical receptacles and linked them with the nearby main electrical panel. They even fixed my smoke detector which was slightly ajar after a recent battery swap. They were neat and tidy and cleaned up the area where the electrical install occurred. They completed the job by labeling the new receptacles on my panel. It was comforting that the same electrician who came in to see the job and provided the quote also returned to complete the job once I agreed to go forward so he understood what were the key uncertainties about the install (the ability to thread the internet cable to the main floor). They provided all of the material as well. Working with the office was also great as they provided all of the documentation that I needed to satisfy my condominium board that this was a safe electrical installation. I would definitely turn to this company again for another electrical matter. Michael

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