Very frustrating and unprofessional! They left us high and dry with a poorly working garage door and completely unprofessional and dangerous install of our garage door motor!!!!! We hired them because we needed a flexible company to help with our custom install of siding onto our door to match the house. From the beginning, they became less accommodating that originally suggested. Our contractor was supposed to be allowed to install the siding on the door in their factory, but then they said he had to do it onsite, which was quite tricky. Bigger issue was that they contacted the siding company and worked out the weight of the custom siding to know which springs to order. At the time of install, they couldnt get the garage door to balance well. Turns out the weight was off. Despite this not being our fault, they then tried to get us to cover the costs of redoing the door and potentially re-ordering the springs for hundreds-thousands of dollars and pay for any re-adjustment! Even though we then arranged to have the door fixed to correct weight, they never came back to fix the springs, or even got back to us about any plan. I sent them the below pictures of the horrible and unsafe installation of the garage door motor, and even that they have not taken any ownership of. We gave them several chances to address these issues or prove to us with any supporting evidence that this was our fault, and each time they have not returned our e-mails meaningfully. They will probably try to turn the blame back on us and say how they were misled, but again cant/havent offered any proof of that when I insisted they provide it. There certainly can be no fault of ours on the lousy installation of the motor. Regardless, they certainly dont stand by their work or product, or feel the need to complete the work they start. Be very wary of using this company for any job.

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Company Response

Hi David. Sorry that you are not happy but we do not see this review as fair. From the very beginning the importance of the extra weight being added to your door was stressed to you and your contractor. We were told several times to "just order heavy springs" despite explaining the importance of getting the exact extra weight. Your contractor passed us off to his supplier who eventually (verbally) gave us a weight to work with. As we explained to you, and proved after, that weight was off. We came back twice, at no cost, to adjust things for you. At our last visit, the door was running, there was a balance owing to us, and you were told that the door would never run properly as is. We have offered to resolve this issue, but not for free. We ordered your door based on misinformation, after insisting the importance of the spring engineering. That is the only issue here, the springs need to be changed, but we have refused to cover this cost as it was not our mistake. We are still happy to take of this for your, however the cost of the new material, and the labour to redo it needs to be covered. Whether by you directly, or by your contractor but not by Durham Doors as we did everything that was asked of and agreed upon for us to do. We stand behind our work, we told you that this was wrong and needs to be redone, and we are waiting on you to allow us to do so.