Please excuse the long review, but at least read Third Experience. Late last year I was researching local computer repair shops for my sons laptop. I was impressed with the reviews and the CBC Market place report that included this shop, so I decided to do the repairs there. Im very glad I did, since I had 3 excellent and positive experiences with Joseph and his service. First experience: My sons Asus gaming laptop (out of warranty) needed to have its broken cover replaced. It was not a cheap repair given that I wanted an original Asus cover/screen. Joseph ordered all the necessary parts and did an excellent repair with a very reasonable service charge. Second Experience: Having been very happy with the above experience, I decided to have my 12 year old Sony Vaio laptop repaired. The power port had become faulty many years before, but I never bothered to fix it. It would get hot and the fan made an extremely loud noise. Again, Joseph did a wonderful job with the repair. In addition he thoroughly cleaned the insides and the laptop works amazingly quiet and cool. I am finally enjoying my laptop again! Third experience: This is by far the best experience! And it did not even involve a computer repair! A couple of months ago my 21 year old son suddenly had this crazy idea to build a VERY high end (and expensive) gaming PC from scratch (his old regular PC was just not doing the job for his video games). He is not a computer person and as a non-technical person myself, I immediately had self doubt that he should even attempt what seemed to be a monumental task. He would have to research and buy every single item: the tower, the wires, the components (mother boards, video cards, power source, fans, software, etc. etc., and then figure out how to build from scratch. I thought that given the amount of money he would spend on parts, it would be best for Joseph to do the build, so it could be done properly. When I called Joseph, he confirmed that he could certainly build it and his service price was absolutely very reasonable. But to my surprise, he said I should let my son do the build. He said that the experience and confidence and life experience my son would get would be priceless. He reassured me, as a parent, that the kids have more knowledge and abilities than we give them credit for, and I should not stifle my sons desire to explore and be creative. Worst case scenario, he said, is that even if the build does not work out, it could always be fixed. I was amazed that a business owner would turn away a job to make money; but I realized that Joseph placed more value on life experience (for my kid) and growth, rather than money. I decided to let my kid try. Over the next 2 weeks, my son researched all the parts and bought them all. He watched many instructional videos online on building the gaming PC. He then started building and to my surprise my younger son (15 years old) became interested and sat with him and became his assistant. Awesome bonding experience! After a week of slow, but careful building, the PC was complete. I am proud to say it worked PERFECTLY! I could see the pride and sense of accomplishment on my sons face when he achieved this goal. THANK YOU Joseph for reminding me that we need to give our kids the opportunity to explore and experiment and that they are more capable then we think. You have a lifelong and happy customer! Karl

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Thank you Karl for taking the time to write this review. I am really happy about your son's pc build. I myself have gone thru this experience so I definitely know how it feels for a young man to accomplish the task with pride and he will always value what he has personally built.