First, let me say look no further for an appliance repair service. Modern Appliance's service is unsurpassed. Peter fixed my dishwasher (which another repair service couldn't find the problem with) and fixed my induction range that nobody else would touch. He saved me from having to replace these 2 items that would have cost over $5000. Their rates are also more than competitive. I couldn't believe my good fortune. I was thankful to have found Modern Appliance through these Homestar reviews. So I wanted to add my review. I would 100 % recommend and endorse their work. For more details read on... I contacted Modern Appliance to fix my dishwasher, which I feared was unfixable. But Peter has it running good as new now – and better than it has worked in over 2 years! I had previously hired another appliance repair service about 2 years ago, bc I thought there was an issue, but they said that they could find nothing wrong. The result was that I continued to use a faulty dishwasher that didn't really clean the dishes, I had intermittent leaks, and I was my damaging my dishwasher even more. When Peter came to service it, he did a much more thorough investigation. He really listened to what I had observed in order to assist in diagnosing the problem, and was ultimately able to find the issue. He didn't have the part that was needed to fix it on hand bc the dishwasher is older and an uncommon model. But he could order the part and come back. I took the opportunity to ask Peter about my stove, which nobody else would touch because the serial number had been removed. (Another thing I learned: don't purchase an appliance through a used dealership without making sure it still has a serial number!) I hadn't noticed the serial number was missing until I needed to have the stove serviced. I had literally called every repair service that Electrolux had given me and nobody would come out. And the last repair service that came for my dishwasher said that the stove was unfixable. But to my great surprise and delight, Peter was unfazed. He believed he could fix it. It was just a matter of finding the correct model number. He did warn me that it was an expensive electronic part – over $500. But it was absolutely worth it to me to fix it. I hate the idea of a fixable appliance going to landfill! I was further reassured when he told me that if it didn't work, he could return the part. So it was a no brainer. Later that day, he emailed to say that he had found the model number for me and order the part. He came back as soon as he had the parts and fixed both in the same service call. He took the time to walk me through the repair of both appliances when he was finished. The dishwasher issue was definitely somewhat of a mystery to solve. To fix it, he had to straighten the door, which had somehow been warped, and fix an installation issue in addition to replacing the worn part. Throughout the entire process, it was a pleasure to deal with Peter. He was incredibly knowledgable, held his work to a very high standard and inspired complete trust. He is also a consummate professional – never speaking ill of other repair services etc.

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Thank you so much for making time to give me such a glowing review!!!!!!
I truly appreciate your time and business and especially clients like yourself
Your appliances will give you years of satisfaction!!!
Thank you again for your support and I look forward to working with you in the future
Stay safe and keep well!!!!!

Thank you