I wish I was one of the many who had a great experience with Northwood. About a month ago, we called on them to look at our furnace which had stopped working. They did an inspection, identified that we should keep the vents clear. No major repairs or work identified as needed. Two days later, the same thing happened. They then evaluated that we needed to replace the burners and the switch. OK, so the third visit, they came and did the repairs. Not even 2-weeks after that our furnace broke down again. A different technician came and identified a whole list of problems, of which was not identified in the previous 3 visits by the first technician. The recommendation at that point was to replace the motor, but ideally replace the furnace. We were told we would get a quote on the motor. Three days after that, the furnace went out….again. I called and the receptionist said she left me a message with a quote for the motor-which I never got. I explained to her that I feel that they need to look at the inconsistency of diagnosis and asked why in four visits, we still have a broken furnace and why they have such inconstancy between technicians. At this point, we had spent almost $500. She said she would take it up with the manager. A few hours later, she called me to ask if I could send her an email with my issues. So, I then summarized all the information in the Work Orders…not sure why I needed to do this since they have all the information. She said the manager would give me a call with his reco’s. This of course did not happen. I followed-up by phone and email and was told to call back. When our furnace went down again, the manager said “oh yeah, I just got your email Friday” when in fact, I sent it on the Wednesday, followed by a call on Thursday, Friday and a follow-up email on Friday and Sunday night. In the end, we got a new furnace and took our money elsewhere. We spent $500 too much with this company, who does not stand by their work, who do not ensure consistency among their staff and service. To top it off, the humidifier Northwood installed last year was installed incorrectly. Terrible service and follow-up.

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