We had 5 windows, the patio door, and the front door installed. We decided to go with Galaxy WD primarily because of their very high consumer rating. We contacted three different windows/doors contractors with the highest ratings, and we compared their offers and consumer feedback (Ive literally read every single consumer review). Eventually, we decided to go with Galaxy WD even though their offer was not the lowest. The total cost of these 5 windows, front door, patio door and labor was $14K (all-in). Their rep Alex visited us on August 10th. He informed us that due to supply chain issues all windows and doors will be ready for installation in the mid/end of November. Installation happened on November 25th. Team of two installers (Alex and Igor) arrived at about 9 am and completed all installations at about 4:30 pm. Installed windows and doors look great inside and outside. Installers did their best to minimize the mess produced by installation, so the amount of cleaning after the installation was not as massive as we expected. There are small but important details that say a lot about the quality and integrity of the team. First, one of the installers found a microscopic dent on the front door and invited us to have a look in his truck. He said they can order a new door and install it later, or the company can give a $100 discount for this tiny defect. For me it took some effort to even see such a small dent, I would never be able to notice it unless he showed it to me. So, we picked the $100 discount. Second, one small part of the front doors frame (attached above the door) ended up with a slightly different color. If they installed it as is - I would be 100% sure that its supposed to be this way. But the installer showed me this difference and promised to find this part with exactly matching color. Next morning (on Saturday) he dropped by at 7 am with this part having exactly matching color and completed installation. If you decide to go with Galaxy WD then try to get Alex and Igor team for your project. They have high integrity and are a very skilled team. Few words about installed windows and doors. As Ive already mentioned, they look great inside and outside. However, I cannot comment yet on how these windows and doors will endure during cold winters days. Our old windows tended to accumulate ice overnight which melted during the day, and we needed to wipe water a few times a day. I will publish my update at the end of the spring on how these windows and doors held during our harsh Ontario winter.

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Hi Mark. Thank you very much for your business and a positive review!
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Alex & the Galaxy team.