Terrible customer service. Everything was a fight. Had an issue after installation and they would not return my phone calls for 5 days. Took a couple of calls and visits to the store to get a response after they had all my money.

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Mr. Jonathan Barrie came to our store to ask us provide labor of installation only since he bought Napoleon gas insert from somewhere else already. We explained to him that we typically don't do just installation because we don't know if that product is in good condition. He said he understood and assured us that gas insert he bought is brand new. So we said yes and stressed that we are not responsible for the gas insert itself.

During our installation, we found that the blower he provided is not right model. He phoned his friend in Napoleon and was told it would take 2 weeks to get blower in. My installer said that we can get parts from our warehouse to modify this blower with extra cost of $200 if he agrees. He said yes. So we went ahead everything was fine. He came to our store and paid balance even praised our service.

Our installer told us about that extra $200. So we called back and was told he never agreed. Two days later he said there is something wrong with our installation because gas insert is not working properly. We said we'll come back to check it out. Our technician will call Napoleon tech support line in front of him to find out what's wrong with the gas insert. If it is installation issue, we'll fix it. But if it is a problem of the gas insert, then there will be labor fee for this extra visit. He couldn't accept this. As matter of fact, his friend in Napoleon admitted that there was one part missing from this gas insert which causes unstable flame.

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