We hired this company to demo the existing tiles in the shower stall, replace them, remove old caulking, replace it and change the door sweep. This was supposed to be a 2 day job with one technician. Two technicians showed up on the 18th. They came unprepared and indicated that they did not have caulking or a door sweep with them. I showed them the email with the details of the quote. They said they were told that they’re only tiling. I provided caulking, grout and tiles. They were not able to demo the tiles without damaging the waterproof membrane so new tile was placed on top of the existing tile. They did not replace the door sweep. I purchased one from Home Depot the next day but it didn’t fit. They did not remove the mould and placed caulking over it. The tile cutting was totally uneven. They used a tile cutter to cut the tiles vs using a tile saw. The marble ledge where the shower glass wall sits on was scratched in many places. This is from their efforts to remove caulking, although unsuccessful. This was the result of a days work and they wanted full payment for 2 days work claiming that they had to purchase expensive material to make it a one day job. After complaining for several days to the operation manager, Len, I got a response that they would come back and fix it. The owner attended today. Although he did remove the caulking and mould properly and redid caulking, we are still left with uneven tile in one section. The door sweep was replaced today. He attempted to buff out the scratches on the marble ledge. The longer scratches are still visible. Today, I'm applying a marble sealer to see if this will help at all, as when he buffed various areas, the sealant was removed. Ultimately, I didn’t feel respected and I do not understand how a bathroom reno company has people come with no caulking or material to complete the job. Frustrating experience.

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Hey Natasha,

Sorry you had a not so pleasant experience.