HB Pools came to my house for a leak test in July 2021 as I was loosing approximately 1"/24hr in my inground pool. The 2 gentleman on site were very polite and very nice. and answered all my questions. Although they thought they had found the leak in my pool I'm not convinced I got the service I deserved. I did not get what I paid for. They told me I had a pressure leak in one of my lines and that I had a crack in my stairs. They patched the crack in the stairs (temp fix, no warranty) but there was another crack that they neglected to mention or find. The other crack in the stairs was the major issue in all of this. Once I fixed the other crack in the stairs myself with underwater caulking (also temp fix) the water was no longer dropping. HB Pools failed to mention that some pipes would need to be cut to complete the pressure tests. I believe a mention to the client is necessary before modifying any pool equipment. HB Pools proceeded to give me an estimate for the replacement of the two lines going to the skimmer and return. The estimate was lumpsum format without too many specific details. (I have a Hayward 1993 AquaGenie like system), therefore both return and skimmer lines are at the skimmer) The quote I was given for the work seemed a little high, since I was told it wouldn't be too expensive as there would be no concrete to cut, other than behind the skimmer. The estimate came in higher than expected and the details on the estimate included a new skimmer (which was not required for my fix at this time). I proceeded to contact HB Pools to discuss the estimate before moving ahead with the work. I contacted the receptionist and was told the their estimator would get back to me as soon as he could. I've still not received a call back for this discussion. I proceeded to replace the lines myself and purchased all the necessary parts for the job. I now saved $4000+ doing it myself and I am now leak free. I understand this type of work cannot be completed by everyone but always look at alternatives because the first company you speak with may not always be the best. I find it unfortunate that HB Pools did not follow through with better customer service. Unfortunately, I do not recommend HP Pools.

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Thank you for taking the time to review the service. It's important for us to adjust company policies and practices. We've added additional office staff this year to answer questions quicker and revamp quotes to include additional details Congrats on finalizing the work yourself :)