Peter and Kyle were on time. They came, installed the furnace and AC. They answered questions I had about the equipment and cleaned up when the work was done. A product is only as good as the workmanship. And these guys were amazing. My neighbour had them previously for his installation as well and was very happy with the work done. Thank you

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Enercare replaced my old water heater in 2018; moved it back but didn’t check for damages caused to the piping when moving the tank when replacing it. After being told that it’s been 3 yrs since the replacement so it won’t be covered and that the section above the tap isnt covered.( pipe connected to the same place where their tap and inlet is) I was lucky that this was brought to my attention by a professional when doing my HVAC work. Based on this interaction with them, (Enercare)takes no responsibility for their work. Get a professional not them.

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They came in right on time for 2 site jobs( back to back). Very professional, showed pictures of before and after including videos, asked for permission before drilling, capped everything once completed and checked with me if I was satisfied and reviewed the work done room by room. They were thorough enough to find a bottle from the 90s in the vent. Something previous providers missed. Based on previous duct cleaning experiences with other providers; these guys work was great. Best bang for your buck.

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