I had a lot of different issues. Several were the fault of the Nest thermostat, some were due to the initial install, but they sent 2 amazing technicians. 1 was Mehrdad. He not only replaced the fast stat 3 wire with a 4 wire, but he also cleaned the AC with my hose!!! Yes, he disassembled and cleaned it. He was amazing!!! Initially I had several issues, but this company is great. I might have had a bad experience at first, but they returned several times to fix everything at $0. Even when this was my own fault. Followed up several times after fixing things.

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Company Response

Dear Tariq,

It seems that there is a terrible miscommunication/misunderstanding happening. We had absolutely installed the extra wiring that was required to operate the A/C or there would be no A/C operation at the moment. Previous to the A/C install, there were only 2 wires present and now there are three, in order to operate the cooling. When we visited in May to see why the A/C wasn't turning on, it is reported that the breaker needed a reset and it was confirmed that the A/C is working. Your rep did contact the service office afterwards to inquire why you were unable to control your Nest thermostat through the wifi, to which we replied that we hadn't installed the thermostat and this is independent of any wiring and looks to be a thermostat issue which should be replaced and is not a warranty issue since we hadn't supplied nor installed it. We did not hear back from you or your rep afterwards. But it looks like your rep, Faisal, took an extra initiative just to reconfirm everything and he had dispatched another tech to verify that your thermostat issue is independent of what we have done and the experienced wifi issue can only be resolved by replacing the thermostat. If you would like, we would be happy to dispatch a tech for the third time to your property to confirm and show you everything. We have already tried to call you to arrange a mutually agreeable time where you can also be on site at your rental property. Please call us back to make sure there is no misunderstanding. Please also kindly note that technically there should be a charge for these visits, since they have not been pertaining to our work and warranty-related. But we would like to remain patient in good faith, to make sure there is no misunderstanding.

Kindest regards,