I got the Top Dressing Blend to over-seed my lawn. The "screened blend" turned out to be a blend of mulch chip, hard plastic pieces and hundred of fragments of the plastic bags this "soil" came from. By no means was the product screened. I used it anyway and 7 days later have not seen a single grass seed sprout. I hope I did not waste two days meticulously caring for my lawn. The bag idea did cause less mess, however there are other options out there that offer better quality product. This is the third time I have used a bagged soil for over-seeding. It is the first and last time I will be using Less Mess.

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Company Response

Hello Clayton. Thank you for your review. Our soil mixes are screened by our supplier and we also screen them to remove larger objects afterwards. As for not seeing any results in a week's time, this may be due to the weather climate, the amount of water used, amongst other factors. If you have any additional comments and would like to speak to a member of our team, please contact us at and we will be happy to assist you!