We made the mistake of entering into a contract with Rohit to build us a townhome in their Keswick neighbourhood (an area they state they are both the builder AND developer in). We patiently waited five months at which point, not only had they not even started building our home, but we received a letter from their legal team stating they would simply be voiding our entire contract due to an inability to build on the land for “reasons”. Reasons they did not provide us, no explanation was given beyond that. Is it a coincidence that we purchased right before lumber sky rocketed and suddenly what we paid them to build our home wasn’t so attractive to their wallets anymore? I doubt it. I put in a call to their legal department asking for more details and they informed me there was someone with “an interest” in the property holding up the development of the lot we had paid them to build on. I asked them how long they’d known about this obstacle, and how long the interested party had been holding up the build process. They stated they knew of the issue for 6 months (ALMOST TWO FULL MONTHS BEFORE WE BOUGHT). When I asked why we were not informed of this issue when we purchased the legal rep told me, and I quote, “we just assumed it would get worked out”. You work in legal. It’s not your job to assume a resolution will take place, and a consumer has the right to know a lot they are paying money for is currently contested land that can’t be built on! So to recap, Rohit took our money in January for a lot they knew could not actually be built in, told us nothing about the dispute for 5 months while our money sat in their accounts, then with zero warning, voided our contract, offered us a measly $300 in interest (over 5 months) and said good luck. I repeat. They knew about the issue before we bought, knew about the issue while we waited, and at no point were we informed until it suited them to terminate our contract. Meanwhile home prices as we all know skyrocketed so comparable units are now selling for about 35K-40K more than when we purchased. But hey, at least we made $300 right? Avoid them at all costs.

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