On February 10, 2021, it was -10C outside and my eight year old Goodman gas fired furnace failed to produce heat. I checked all the simple issues including fuses, thermal shut off switches, ignitor and flame sensor. I concluded that it could be the gas valve. I had no prior dealings with Abbey Air but called the company based on some of the positive reviews. The serviceman arrived at around 5:00 PM and confirmed that it was the gas valve. There was a $99.00 flat charge for the serviceman to look at the furnace. This charge does not go towards the installation of any parts. He quoted a $700 installed price for the gas valve and offered a 15% discount on the price if I sign up for a maintenance plan. I refused this plan because it did not cover future parts or labour but just a 15% discount and a waiver of the $99 trip charge. I received the invoice by email: $99.00 service call + $705.00 + tax of $104.52 = $908.52 with no breakdown of parts or labour. I researched the cost of the part and it is available in Hamilton for $166.61. Reference the attached image. The part can be installed by a serviceman in one hour. In the math below, I give $99 for the service call, 2 hours of labour at $100 per hour and $200 for the part. This should cover all the costs and provide a reasonable profit for Abbey Air. $99.00 (service call) + $200.00 (labour) + $200 (part) + $64.87 (tax) = $563.87 In my calculation, I was overcharged by at least $344.65 ($908.52 - $563.87 = $344.65) I emailed Abbey Air with my concerns and talked to Todd who is the General Manager. He stated that Abbey Air is not a non-profit organization and that $908.52 is a reasonable charge and the standard in the HVAC industry. In my opinion, this is sad reflection on the industry. And, the invoice does not detail the cost of parts and labour but just one number in addition to the charge for the service call. Are there any other homeowners out there that had a similar experience with Abbey Air?

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David - We strive for 100% satisfaction, and we regret to find out that this was not the case. Our Priority Plus members have cost of repairs reduced by 20%, front of the line service, and never pay a trip charge.