Khayyam Haider was professional, very knowledgeable, and willing to go the extra mile to help. He is definitely a pro with a heart. We found Pesticon on the Cornell Community discussion website and facebook page and did further research and found high ratings. I vouch they deserves it.

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Very disappointed. Installed a brand new air conditioner from these guys, thought they were a local business I would like to support, price was moderate. I have decided on this company based on price, reputation, and geographical location. This was a double deal, 2 new homes, 2 new air conditioner. Unfortunately, I've got the lemon. First year (2009) of operation was fine. Second year (2010) beginning of the season, no cool, service technician vacuum the lines, did a test for leakage, said no problem, recharged it, and fine for the rest of the summer, error code shows low pressure, but it doesn't make any sense said the technician, he was expecting a leak. Third year (2011), no cool in the beginning of the season, lines were vacuum and tested for leakage, said no problem, and recharged it, works fine. This year (2012), no cool again, technician came and said the system was over charged, causing safety switch to disable the system. Readjusted pressure and it was fine. Later on in August, no cool again, technician came and and found a leak in a valve, replaced it. We will have to wait for next year to know if it is fine again or not. SO FAR a technician has been out every year, and SO FAR, no charges (thought they were honourable) until the last visit. I understand sometimes there are manufacturer defects or what not, bad luck, lemons, but I have had air conditioners in my parents home, my auntie's home, my in-laws home, for 20 years, they never have to call for service, and so far I have had service on this machine every year, only only now they found a leak, in a valve? They want me to pay for this repair, and I don't think it is fair. If I can have year without any problems I will be satisfy, but it has been the same problem over and over again. Really, is this such a ridiculous request? The owner Steve, did not care to explain, and wanted to see me in court instead, simply said "I don't see any records for a service call in 2010" was the basis of his decision to ask me pay for the service. DO NOT BUY OR HIRE THIS COMPANY. JUST HEADACHES. BOTH STEVE AND BOB (OWNERS) ARE UPSET ABOUT SOMETHING SO PETTY AND SIMPLE TO RESOLVE: ALL I WANT IS JUST 1 YEAR PROBLEM FREE, THAT'S ALL.

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