Didn't ask us what finish we wanted, I didn't think of that until we left to stay at my parent's place during the reno as we only have one bathroom. I was too awkward to bring it up if they didn't ask. We thought they left it bare wood, after talking to various people I have come to realize it's vinyl made to look convincingly like wood that's apparently trendy? We wouldn't have picked that if they had asked, though. They also broke our sink and charged to replace it, again not consulting us about the appearance and my wife doesn't like what they chose. They didn't put the door stopper back on, (and I can't find the screw for it) used baseboards that don't match anything else in the house and aren't cut to fit in the corner (just joined with a blob of caulking) There's also bare plywood exposed under the sink counter, I don't know about these things but I doubt it's supposed to be that way.

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Company Response

Hello, I have a problem with what you said. Before the start of the construction, there was a problem because the crack in the sink bowl and the handle of the cold water part of the faucet were old. After filming, I reported to the customer and asked for an additional $100 for the new product, including the sink and faucet. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us. We will take care of AS. Thank you. Have a good day