Tron is a company that truly cares about their work and their people. Previously, a fellow passing himself off as a General Contractor claiming to be licensed to perform electrical work cobbled together a bunch of wiring and tied into old knob/tube wiring in addition to creating multiple electrical hazards in my home that were not originally present. I found it very tricky to find a company to provide a solid quote to rectify the situation. Out of the companies that provided quotes for the job, Tron was the best in: price, scheduling and efficiency! Very minimal to zero work from the previous fellow was able to be salvaged, incorrect boxes, no boxes and in one case live wiring was placed by this fellow inside a wall; very scary stuff for a home owner. Tron worked with the ESA to fix the damages that were caused and had the home inspected by the ESA, which it of course passed with flyng colours! Based on my great experience, I would highly recommend hiring Tron right from the beginning for any electrical project you may be considering, especially re-wiring, and am very happy with the outcome! Thank you Tron and thank you in particular to Joe, Jim and Danny who were always on-time and worked from start to finish safely, cleanly and very respectfully!

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Thank you Lucas for the Review. It was a pleasure working with you and we look forward to assisting you in any of your future Home Renovations.



I hired Sean who claimed to be a "fully licensed and fully insured" contractor to renovate the living/dining Room. Sean began the job dry-walling the living/dining rooms + wall paper removal. The result, after only 3 months, was cracking along the joint lines. Sean recomended rewiring and he himself did run electrical wiring throughout the rooms but rather than completing the job, he left wiring poking out of the walls where there should have been switches and created a major electrical hazard in my home by hard-wiring upstairs electricity to an extension cord and plugging it into the kitchen. The Electrical Safety Authority used the services of an investigator to locate Sean after he ran away from the job and did charge and later convict him. I have included only some of the photos of the switches, cords and wiring that Sean performed. Be very careful before hiring any contractor and verify they are licensed on ESA's website. This was a very negative experience and I would recommend anybody dealing with this fellow not to take what he says for face-value but rather verify everything! Sean was paid for the job before completion and never returned to finish. He claimed his job was complete (please see photos and judge for yourself). I suffered a HUGE financial loss on account of this individual operating as a full-service general-contractor and he caused very expensive damage to my home.

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Mr. Frattura purchased a 150 year old house with family money which he wished to renovate and flip as inexpensively as possible. He insisted that instead of removing the plaster and lathe, re-framing and dry walling the house, that only plastering would be done. My warning that there would be cracks was ignored. It was his intention to not pay me for the final stages of the work. I never claimed to be fully licensed which is documented by an Ontario College of trades deposition dated October 15th 2015 in which Mr. Frattura stated “Mr. Siev never claimed he was a licensed electrician or he was a licensed plumber.” I was in fact fully insured. I reluctantly agreed to rough in wiring under the condition that Mr. Frattura would hire an electrician to inspect, sign off and complete the electrical work. I did not “run away from the job”. The work was in fact stalled because Mr. Frattura would not arrange for an electrician and would not make payments amounting in the thousands. He in fact stated to me “I need to give you some incentive to come back”. This is why there was unfinished work.

Mr. Frattura went from a nice fellow to a tyrant in an instant. He forbid me from returning and went on a vendetta with the authorities who he lied to and caused me to have to pay two fines.