Summary: My furnace had a motor problem; loud noise; my family, me and wife, and my children, worried since they noticed a big noise from the furnace motor. I called Abbey Air. Technician came I explained the issue seems from Motor. The technician confirmed the issue comes from the motor; should replace the motor or replace the whole furnace. Nothing fixed. Technician gave an expensive invoice; visit fee + "EXTRA CHARGE"(inspection fee, which never heard before he talked), and he said that I should pay this. Even though I paid the overcharge fee, I decided to go with another big and professional well-known company for whole furnace replacement. ------------------------------------------------------------ Detail: Jan 19, Furnace Issue Happened. (Loud Motor Noise; my whole family heard the weird sound from motor.) Called the company, and heard that I should pay a fee $# for their visit. Jan 20, technician arrived; he ensured that I should pay $# for his visit. I agreed. I talked about some overall issues; the motor had loud noise; 3 yrs ago somebody came and fixed some motor part and then the issue was gone. The technician opened the furnace's sliding door and heard its sound; touched the motor. Then, he confirmed that it was caused by an "old motor." He sent the serial number and waited for the quote for the motor repair. He said that I may need to replace my furnace since mine is too old. while waiting for the quote, he started looking at some other area. He unscrewed and screwed some parts, and checked drain parts, which was repeated. Then he confirmed that the issue is from the motor; it is old so I should replace the motor or the whole furnace. Finally, a quote for a motor fix arrived. Then, he introduced some extra charge, Inspection fee. (I should pay $## = visit fee $# + inspection fee $#. The inspection fee is almost the same as the visit fee. I paid double the price than the amount that I heard from the first phone call from Abbey Air. Here, the reason why I said 'extra charge' is I have never heard before. When I contacted the company and when the technician came to my home and when he started doing something, I never heard about the inspection fee.) But he kindly explained that if I replace my furnace with Abbey Air, the visit fee + inspection fee would come off. Somebody from Abbey Air came for a free quote for furnace replacement; he was kind too. I got a quote from Abbey Air. After this, I got other quotes from other companies. After a thorough comparison, I decided to go with another company to replace the whole furnace.

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Our valued Maintenance Plus customers never pay a Trip charge and fault location fees are always waived with repair or replacement. All repairs include a 1 year warranty and our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. As well, we provide 24/7/365 support. We apologize for any confusion. Thank you.