I needed a new vanity top/sink installed onto the existing cabinet and the plumbing hooked up. Relatively simple job, there might have been a tricky part on the counter install but the plumbing was all standard. I called Peter for a quote, he said it's $50 for the service call if I don't decide to proceed (otherwise the $50 goes towards the cost if I do). So much for the idea of a free estimate suggested on their web site. Anyways I said fine. Peter came and quoted an extremely high (unreasonable in my opinion) price well over $500. This of course was well over my budget. So he said "ok that will be $50." I then asked him how much it would cost if I got the vanity top installed separately and just had to connect the plumbing (taps and drain, that's it). He said we could knock off $100. So that's well over $400 just to connect a sink to a drain pipe and the hoses to the taps. Outrageous. Whether he just didn't want to do the job, and it was a quick $50, or if he genuinely charges that outrageous amount for a small job, either way I would not trust this company and will not be calling him again. The $50 fee for a quote might be standard practice in the industry, but if the quotes are unreasonable, then the consumer gets soaked the $50 and is no closer to a solution to their problem.

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Company Response

Hello Mitch,
We are very sorry to hear that you were upset with our quote and that it was not within your budget. We believe in giving an honest quote for our work rather than surprise you with a new figure after the job is done. We take pride in our work and for the job demands we believe we gave a reasonable quote. We hope you found a service that fit your needs and budget. All the best with your installation. Regards, Peter