Not the cheapest in the city, but by far the best cleaning service I have had in years. The first cleaning, they charge a 1st time service and charged me a "deep clean" requirement that I thought was a sales tactic. Boy was I wrong. My cleaners, Patricia and Petra arrived a few minutes early and were ready to go right at 9am. I was isolating in another part of the house, but when I went down to get a glass of water, Patricia was wiping down all the window sills and cleaning the tops of my picture frames! The only negative was that they seemed a bit rushed at the end, but I would say that is partially my fault, as I thought 6 hours (3 hours for each of them) was plenty of time estimated, but I wish they could have stayed longer, but they left for an afternoon appointment. I signed up for service every other week, and the price dropped down to just over $200, which I figure is $100 a week to keep my place smelling great and I was tired of attempting it myself. They know what they are doing!

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