I hired Landmark to replace an existing window with a larger double hung window. The window itself is average quality, the screen arrived with a small hole in it which the installer honestly pointed out to me, in addition the screen is so tight I cannot remove it if I choose to. the leader of the three man crew seemed knowledgeable and polite. The old man in the crew went straight to my bathroom upon arrival where he stayed for at least 15 minutes, guess what my house smelled like after that, he proceeded to walk all over my varnished pine floors with his work boots. None of the crew wore masks while inside or out of my house. the crew was very unprofessional and had little respect for my residence. The outside flashing was installed incorrectly, even I could tell something was wrong, I have included pictures of the final product. 1. No drip cap was installed, purely a bead of caulking along the top, how long will that last before it starts to leak? 2. No j-channel was installed to collect the ends of the siding along the edges of the window, this leaves huge gaps which provides an excellent home to things like bees, bats and birds not mention allows the rain and snow to drive straight into the framing of the window. I have reached out to Landmark to ask for a post installation visit but of course they don’t return my calls. Terrible company, terrible product, terrible installers, terrible customer service.

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