Dundas Location. I get it - Covid sucks. Everyone has been affected by this. BUT - when you wait over 15 weeks for a bedroom suite that comes from Winnipeg, Canada to then wait another 3 weeks (fingers crossed). It's asking a lot. I am already regretting this purchase. I asked if they are able to compensate for the stress and frustration and lack of communication and fact that we have been sleeping on the floor for months (and months) she said people were dying and that thousands of other people are doing the same, were not the only ones. She was asking me to be more empathetic in her situation as she is not in control. She waited till the week we were supposed to have our furniture delivered to call and tell us the manufacturer is behind 2+ weeks and it will take an additional week or even longer. I am not a fan of "customers always right" because we all know that isn't the case, but in this situation, she showed no remorse for the fact that we are going on 4 months of waiting. She suggested I email the ministry of government and the health officials. But I will never give them any more business. Shame, if this local business goes under it won't be because of covid, they'll go out of business due to lack of customer service and appreciation for their customers. Very unfortunate. I should have read reviews first. Shake my head.

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