I have a long review so please read it in its entirety. We are happy with the work done by Josh and his crew. Our neighbour hired C&D to do a complete make over of their backyard. This one job became 4 jobs, because their two fences needed replacing. This affected 3 other backyard fences, including the neighbour behind me. He wanted the 34 year old fence that divides our backyards replaced, and we agreed. The 4 jobs required 18 post holes in total to be dug. I knew this would be difficult because I dug one hole by hand in 2018. This soil is the worst I’ve ever dealt with, full of construction debris. I warned Josh in advance. They brought in a Bobcat with 48” auger. It took probably two full days, maybe 3, to dig all the holes. Josh said it’s the hardest ground they’ve ever seen. Long story short, the entire job took almost 5 weeks, and the owner of the primary jobsite (the yard make over) was not happy about it. She is now slandering C&D about the job, and in my opinion, she is offside. These young men worked very hard on some very hot days. Instead of sitting at home, doing nothing, or drinking or smoking pot, or collecting CERB from the Federal Gov’t., these guys worked their collective butts off to get this job done. And in my opinion, they did a great job. The lady from the primary jobsite stopped work before they finished the pergola, side walkway and fence between the homes. She has hired another company to finish the job, and the fencing isn’t complete and the workers are gone. Maybe they were “fired” too??? Don’t know. Anyways, if Homestars agrees to post her review, take a look at the photos and you be the judge. I am happy with the work done, and so is my neighbour who lives behind me. Photos taken Oct.20, 2020

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Thank you very much for the feedback Gord. Customers like yourself make what we do worth doing. hopefully we can work together on another project in the near future! Cheers.