Warranty repair to replace AC compressor. Technician here for 2.5 hours. Parts used were refrigerant that I am estimating cost $200-$300. Company hourly billing rate is $60/hr. We were charged $1000.

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Company Response

We appreciate all reviews here at Cozy Comfort Plus good or bad because it helps us fine tune our company better for our loyal customers. With that said I do have a few questions regarding this matter. I have spoken both with my staff and my technician in regards to this and what puzzles me is the fact that you were quoted the price long before repair, agreed to that price, paid it, and then wrote our company a negative review after the repair was done and your unit is working at 100%. We have always been there for you over the last 11 years and have fixed any issue that you have ever had with your HVAC units. You could have easily asked us for a reduction of the price before agreeing to pay it. Instead you chose to write us a negative review . Our company charges per job not an hourly rate and you were made well aware of this before moving forward. I stand behind my employees and my technicians in regards to this and we even had one of our staff call you to give you a 10% reduction in price which you denied (the customer wants a 60% discount). This is quite unreasonable and unfair.
Yours Truly,
Brian Kar