They have a great sales reps and the initial installation is done well. They have probably the worst customer service ever. We had a liner discolouration which appeared not even after a full season. The customer service rep blamed us stating that it’s because we “shocked our pool” which we actually never did. They said we could have the liner replaced at ‘cost’ but it would be at our cost of over $2000. Why should I have to replace it at my own cost and why would I when they can’t even tell me what actually happened because they clearly have no idea. Getting water samples done at their facility is a way for them to get out of replacing things and make you liable. If you don’t get the samples tested then they it’s your fault because there is no way to know if you’re taking care of your pool because they don’t know what your levels are. On the flip side getting samples done allows them to find an excuse and say it’s because “this” value was out of our recommended range even if it’s just slightly over/under. When I explained the situation to the lab testing reps they even told me our water chemical values are some of the best they have ever seen and that what the service rep said doesn’t make sense and apologized for him. We also got Pioneer to open and close our pool and that service is a joke. For the close they didn’t lower the water level low enough (below the jets) and they didn’t clean off the cartridges both of which are stated on the website as part of the closing process. When they did the opening in the spring they just folded up the safety cover and bagged it with out cleaning off the algae build up. We have spent an additional 4-5hrs of work to clean up what they were paid to do. Unacceptable. When we spoke over the phone to the customer service they were unable to credit or give any compensation as it was prepaid. They outsource labour to other companies so can’t reassure the quality of work. They offered to come back and clean the cartridges and lower the water level however we had already spent 3hrs cleaning them and it was null and void. I warn you, do not go with Pioneer as they are not the best pool company out there. Addendum: I visited the store today and spoke with customer service in person regarding the open/close service explaining the situation. He has credited our account $50 plus chemicals for a future open or close and has placed a note on our account to ensure it’s pioneer’s labourers that come out and do the service. He also included cartridge cleaner pucks and gave my 2.5yr old son a pool noodle which was very sweet. I am still very upset about the pool liner however because it was definitely not our fault that staining occurred and yet their top customer rep was condescending and essentially blamed us for the damage. As far as I’m concerned he should not be in this role.

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Company Response

HI Heather, I believe you have been working with a couple of our service managers and Bryn. Bryn was going to speak to your husband or yourself again with the situation and see how we can assist. Hopefully we can come to a positive resolution! Look forward to speaking with you.
Hi Heather! Touching base again to make sure everything is ok! I know the store you spoke so highly of in the end which we really appreciate! Thanks so much