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My hats off to Crupi Paving for coming back to our neighbourhood and picking up the debris they'd left behind. Yesterday I'd left a disparaging review about the litter and leftover asphalt left in our streets. As I'd previously stated, they do a phenomenal job when paving the streets but when litter and debris are left behind, it detracts greatly from the overall look. As the saying's the little things that matter. So once again, thank you Crupi Paving for rectifying the situation. You're back in my good books. Well done.

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While this company's paving job was impeccable, what infuriated my husband and me was the pile of rubbish (5 pair of dirty gloves, wiping cloths, coffee cups, pop bottles) and piles of asphalt curbside left behind. As we walk our dog each night, it's disheartening to see such debris left behind so carelessly. I ended up taking a garbage up to collect the litter. Shameful behaviour from a company that I'm sure was paid good money for this contract. Our neighbourhood deserves better!!

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For the umpteenth time, our washing machine malfunctioned. Over and over again, the machine signals F8/E1 and stalls in the washing cycle. We've learned to unplug the machine and reboot it but this time, the door locked and wouldn't let us open it. Clothing in the machine for 4 funky days until Kevin arrived, he diagnosed it was because we had our hot water tap turned off. Quick, efficient, professional service. The Best!! You can be assured you're getting quality service in a very timely manner. Seriously, you guys are top notch. Thank you for your knowledge and expertise. It's nice to know we have such great service in our community. Cheers! I've gotta go now....have a bunch of laundry to do. lol

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Company Response

Thank you so much T for your kind words and positive feedback. We are pleased to have solved your issues and are grateful for your business.