Great place! After a failed attemp to buy some cabinets from Northland Home Hardware, we decided to take our business here. According to the staff, they have dealt with numerous unsatisfied customers from there. Anyway staff were very knowledeble and helpful, our cabinets fit correctly and look beautiful! We will definately return!

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Between the lack of employees, short stock, and poor customer service its amazing this place is even in business. First of all, my daughter was offended at the name of the man cave area. I understand that word mancave is fairly common but all thats in there are tools, windows, and the lumber order desk. Refering to this as 'man cave' sounds like somthing sexist from the 50s. Half of the people in there were women, I'm surprised they would want to single women out like that. Apparently Home Hardware has no standards for this sort of thing. Our purchase, against my wifes better judgement, was a new set of kitchen cabinets. Although they were not the cheapest, the brand that we went with wasn't available at the other big box stores, so we desided to buy. Once we left the deposit, everyone stopped answering our calls, no progress was being made, and we were left hanging. After several weeks, we finally stormed in for a refund and requested the manager, who appeared to be an inexperienced kid, literally, had to be less than 20. At first we thought it was a joke but after speaking to the rude owner turned out to be true. It was at this point when we realized why this place is in the state that its in. Very disappointing. Needless to say we will never shop here again.

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